❊ I want to roleplay with you
✸ I want to plot with you
✤ I want to ship with you
✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great
❦ I sort of secretly ship a thing with your muse(s)
✷ I wish our characters was friends
✢ I like your characters
✱ I don’t like your characters
✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)
✫ I don’t like the way you express your muse(s)
☬ I feel like your characters are underdeveloped
❂ I don’t agree on all your headcanons
✡ I agree on all your headcanons
❋ Your blog is one of my favs
✦ I like seeing you on my dash
✵ I don’t follow you for roleplay
✧ I wish you would notice me
✩ You intimidate me
✪ You seem like a cool person
✺ You’re hard to approach
✻ I wish you weren’t so shy
❄ I look up to you
❆ I love your art
❇ I love the way you write
* I want to learn to know you
# I’m too shy to approach to you
☓ We should talk!
♥ *Your choice what to write*

Anonymous asked:

I got the underworks 997 binder two days ago and I love it. The only issue is, it rolls up which causes my hips to bruise. Is there any way I can avoid this? The binder is new and I'm not in a situation to buy another so please don't tell me to just buy a different one (also I love having the compression on my stomach).

theartoftransliness answered:

Zak: A lot of people recommend tucking in the end of your binder, perhaps wearing a belt if you’re having trouble keeping it tucked in? Other people trim the end of their binder, though you’d need to be careful doing that. 

What I’ve done is sew loops of elastic/garter to the bottom of the binder with snaps at the front so I can take it on and off and go to the bathroom. 

This has worked out really well for me, actually.  I used 1” wide softer ‘underwear’ elastic and big 1” snaps hand sewn on both the elastic and the binder. I’ve backed sandwiched the binder material between two little squares of denim I sewed in so that the snap wouldn’t tug on the Lycra and it’s done wonders. 

In a pinch, I have safety pinned bands of elastic in place before, but go with the baby-safe ones because you seriously don’t want a safety-pin malfunction so close to your butt or other sensitive bits. 

I’ve trimmed binders down before, too. I recommend a stretch-stitch zig-zag or surger finish on the raw, cut edge or it’ll unravel on you. A regular stitch takes away the elasticity and ruins the garment. 

I’ve also purchased the Tank top binder, and found that I hated the actual tank part, but loved the short binder underneath and plan on cutting away the cotton tank overlay in the future. 


It was self defense (AJ and Germaine-closed)


AJ got to the training room early so he could get all the safety pads set up. He had only been working in his new position only a short time, but already he was settling in. Training and field ops at Stark Industries was definitely a job to be proud of.  Today he had an agent that was still in training. AJ hadn’t been able to get much background information on the guy, but if they guy worked for Stark; AJ had no doubt he had been completely vetted. That wouldn’t keep AJ from scanning the guy to make sure there was no threat of an undercover HYDRA agent.  Taking the earbud out of his ear, AJ walked over to put his iPod in his gear bag. His student was due anytime. Time to get focused.

Germaine arrived precisely when he was supposed to. Not a minute to spare, not a second too late. It had been Stark’s idea - he’d suggested that taking self-defense lessons and working on the firing range might help him get close to people and teach him to protect the people around him in the event that something like what went down at HQ ever happened again. 

If an android could be disappointed in themselves, Germaine had been. He’d so easily been disabled, but even if he hadn’t been - all he’d have been able to do was stand in the way. He might appear human, but his core was that of the protective German Shepherd. He’d failed to do what he’d been born to do - and had even been reprogrammed to do the opposite. 

I can’t ever let that happen again. If I’m going to be an Agent.. a real agent… I need this training. 

So here he was, swimming in the oversized workout t-shirt and sweat pants, gangly limbs propelling him toward something he SHOULD have been looking forward to, but somehow… dreaded. What an odd combination of emotions.. he thought, as he shifted the gym bag on his shoulder.