Tardis Plush Project

So it’s finally done!  Been working on this for about a month, off and on - making mistakes, making new panels, messing those up, trying again.

But now it’s all finished - and while it looks a bit lumpy, I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

This thing is about as big as a standard pillow - a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but it is the PERFECT cuddle size. Nice and plump and fat and tall enough to rest your chin on while you’re wrapped around it.


I’ve been considering taking commissions for another one of these. This one doesn’t have lights, but I have plans to try for a lighted one later.  Unfortunately, the cost wouldn’t be small. The materials and time involved put the price somewhere around $35 - $40 bare minimum.

I put some ‘gallifreyan’ on the bottom just for kicks - all the panels are machine stitched for detail, cutaway windows and Police Box insert. I learned some things while I was making this one - and I might try making another out of quilting cotton fabric next time. The stretch on the fleece made things tricky! But it’s uber soft.

If anybody would be interested in one of these, give me a quick note.  Just sort of looking to see if there would be a point in even trying for more than one more.

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